Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Facial Routine

My face had been with acne for I think most of the time.

Last 2 months was the worst. Big acne kept popping on my face, and at one time I can count until 15 big acne spot on my face. That was horror. When I went to see the doctor, she gave me an antibiotic & also vitamins. But the acne problem seems don't want to clear off from my face. There's one time, I felt like I don't want to look at the mirror, my self-esteem became lower. And I feel like I don't want to talk to anybody. What a disaster. :(

And then, I start google-ing from the internet to find a solution for my acne problem. Many of them who have acne problems will take accutane that prescribe from skin specialist. But hey! The cost was like RM200/month and they have to continue taking the pills for 6 months. Wow! That was a lot of money consumed. Not to mention the side effects of the medicine. You will suffer dryness skin of the skin & muccus membrane. You can read it more here

I decided to read more solution to my acne problem. Then I stumble upon a forum which discuss a lot of solution for acne problems. I think it was maybe LowYat Forum or MalaysianBabes. I can't remember which one. There's a lady, who is her mother is a dermatologist, she done many research about acne problems and she found out that basic facial regime for people with acne problem should use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and Pan Oxyl Acne Gel (2.5%) which contained 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide. And she also mentioned if we works in an air-conditioned room, we should apply a moisturizer which will keep our face moist and not oily. So she suggest to use Neutrogena Moisturizer. 

So, I went to the Guardian Pharmacy and search for the item that she suggested. But I only manage to find Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, and Neutrogena Moisturizer. There is few types of moisturizer that falls under Neutrogena brand. So, I decided to use the Oil Free type. But no Pan Oxyl Acne Gel 2.5% to be found, they only have Oxy 5 and Oxy 10. But I'd read somewhere, Oxy is quit strong so the pimple will still keep coming back if your skin doesn't suit with it. Then I start searching for a substituted, and later on I find that Mycin T3 will show a good result for acne problems. And then I make another trip to the Pharmacy, and bought Mycin T3.

After I had used the 3 items (Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Mycin T3 and Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer) for nearly 1.5 months, acne at my face had reduced. And now I only have pimples, white head and acne scars. I'm so happy with the results. But still, I have to find a solution to make the acne scars go away. Hahaha.

This are the 3 items that I used to treat my acne problems. So, maybe you out there have a problem like me, do give it a try. :)

How did I did my facial routine:-
1. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser - Use it every time you take your shower (2x a day, morning & evening).
2. Mycin T3 - Use it after Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (2x a day, morning & evening).
3. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer - Use it after you apply Mycin T3, make sure your face had absorb Mycin T3 (I only apply it on the morning, before going to work).

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Monday, March 14, 2011

I had one sweet dream

*image from Google.

I had forgotten when was the last time I had a dream while sleeping. But last night, I had one sweet dream. 
It was so romantic and until now, I can't stop smiling. The dream had remind me about the love that me and my hubby gone through when we're not married yet. Wow, I love that feeling. It makes me feel good. :)

The dream was about me, I haven't married to my hubby yet that time. I met a handsome guy in this dream, he said that he likes me. I can't remember his face. So, just let him be as my hubby :)
Susah pulak nak story dlm English, so me story dalam BM saje lah ye.

Dlm mimpi tu, me belum kawen & terjumpa one guy ni, muka mmg tak cam lah tp rasa cam hensem jugak… hehehe… pastu kan, dlm mimpi tu me kurus seyyyy… hahahhaa… tak tau camane boleh terjumpa dia, dia cakap dia suka kat me, nak kenal & nak kawan dengan me… 

Then one day tu, me terkantoi kan dia ada gf lain dlm mimpi. Tp bila dia dpt tau yg me tau dia ada gf lain, terus dia clash ngan gf dia tu.

Then dlm mimpi tu lagi, dia ajak me pegi umah family dia, kenalkan dgn mak ayah dia & adik beradik dia la kiranya. Pastu dia ajak me gi kat balcony umah dia. Kunun nak confess love la.. hahaha.. hak tuih… :) Sementara nak sampai ke balcony tu, dia bawak me jln kat kawasan rumah dia (bhgn dlm rumah la), rumah dia besar sungguh, siap ada gym bagai dlm tu… huhuhu…

Sampai kat balcony, masyaAllah… cantik sgt pemandangan… rumah dia kat tepi laut, boleh nmpk ada yacht kat tepi pantai berlabuh, mmg cantik sgt… me pun kluarkan la kamera, kunun nak amek gambar… tp end-up me bergambar berdua je dgn dia… dlm mimpi tu sbnrnya me nak tanya dia, dia suka kat me ke? kalu suka kenapa? Tapi tetiba adik beradik dia dtg kat balcony pulak, so dia ajak me pegi tmpt lain… x sempat la me nak tanya… hehehe...

The next day (still dlm mimpi yg sama lg), me ada kat rumah dia… kali ni sempat salam mak ayah dia smua, pastu kiteorg off pegi kat balcony tu lagi… syok sgt rasa… kelakar pun ada… hahaha… what a romantic moment time kat balcony tu… tp me x ingat ape lah… Cuma ingat time tu sgt romantic… ohh… sgt syok rasanya… hehehe… sampai situ jelah mimpi yg me ingat… bile terjaga, ingat itu je… Me rasa time tu, nak sambung tido & biar mimpi tu bersambung semula... hehehe.. :)

Td pagi me sempat citer kat hubby, tp me xde la cakap yg me bayangkan muka dia dlm mimpi tu… Cuma me  cakap x kenal je lelaki tu…
Pastu nak tau hubby tanya ape “abes tu kawen tak dgn dia?” hahahaha
Soalan ape daaaa…. 

Tapi lepas me mimpi camtu, me rasa syok sgt. Me duk berangan yg dlm mimpi tu hubby. Hahaha..
Tetiba rindu kat dia pulak... hehehehe... Me rasa sayang sgt kat hubby. :)

Oklah, tu je citer pasal mimpi me semlm... kalu sesape yg terbaca nak muntah ijo, silakan lah ye... kah kah kah...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fashion Tips - only for plus size :)

Haven't been updating for a while. I really look forward to update my blog seldom, but when I start to write, there goes my blank idea. Hampeh betul. When the time I'm not in front of my PC, the idea came in bertubi-tubi. But then it goes don't know where. Huhuhu.

Anyway, currently I'm reading an article on fashion for plus sizers. Found it interesting & I want to keep it here so I can find it much easier when I need to read it over again.

How to Dress As a Plus Sized Woman

Come on ladies, how many times have you asked the question "Do these jeans make my butt look big?" You know the answer. No, those jeans do not make your butt look big. The bag of Frito Lays, the pint if ice cream and the chocolate cake you devoured last night made your butt look big. So what, we are plus sized women. Now what? Are we doomed to live a life covered up in patterns designed to look like they go on my granny's couch and baby doll shirts that make us appear like we are expecting any day now? I say no! We are beautiful women and we deserve clothing that is stylish AND flatters the curves we have!

What should we non-skinny chicks look for? Well here are a few tips to think about.

Moderately Easy


    • 1
      Don't wear low rise jeans if you have fat rolls that are literally rolling over the top of the waist line. Look for jeans that are wide leg, boot cut or straight leg but stay away from the skinny jean. Plus nothing looks cuter with a cute pair of boots or heals than wide leg jeans!
    • 2
      Don't concentrate on size. If you normally wear a 16 but a particular outfit puts you in size 18, don't squeeze into a 16 just because you are convinced you should be in a 16. You'll just end up being uncomfortable and trust me ladies...the fat will be exploding out of those jeans making you look really ridiculous. If size really bothers you, cut the tag off when you get home!
    • 3
      Stop trying to dress like a skinny chick. Halter tops that tie around the neck are for skinny girls. Don't show off your back fat or your bird winged arms; it's not attractive no matter what your "best friend" tells you. Winter is coming and long sleeves are your friend. Wear shirts that go down just past the waist. It will help cover up a lot of "bulges" and with the correct fit, it can actually shape your form a little and make it more curvy rather than bumpy. You might even try one of those body shapers to smooth things out a bit.
    • 4
      Accessories can be the perfect addition to turn blah into cool! Chunky necklaces, fun colored purses or a gorgeous bracelet can jazz up an outfit that would normally appear dull.

How Do I Dress and Look Beautiful for Plus Sizes?

Society today, driven by media, often saves the term "beautiful" for thin women but beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus-size women should remember that they are beautiful and use their clothes to enhance their natural assets. If you are a plus-size, you can dress your body shape and look beautiful by choosing classic pieces of clothing that fit right and are flattering.
Choose clothing that suits your body type.


things you'll need:

  • Dark wash straight-leg jeans
  • V-neck T shirts and blouses
  • Shirts with cinched waist
  • A-line skirts
  • Little black dress
  • Nude pumps
  • Body slimmer
    • 1
      Wear dark wash jeans with a straight leg. Dark colors are always slimming and the straight leg creates a long lean line straight from the hip to the ankle. This will make the hips appear slimmer and legs look longer. Find jeans that fit comfortably and hug the body without being too tight. The waist of the jeans should hit just under your belly button.
    • 2
      Choose flattering shirts and blouses with v-necks. V-necklines make the neck look longer and slimmer and also make you look taller. Again, choose shirts that hug the body but are not too tight. V-necks can be created with button-up blouses as well. Blouses that cinch at the waist are also flattering to a plus-size body, as they make the waist look thinner and create an hourglass shape.
    • 3
      Wear A-line skirts. A-line skirts are flattering to almost every body shape but especially look good on curvy girls. They help create a beautiful hourglass shape. Choose skirts that hit over the knee.
    • 4
      Find the perfect little black dress. Every woman needs a black dress in their wardrobe. Black dresses are slimming and can make anyone feel beautiful. Pair your dress with a pair of nude colored pumps to create the illusion of long, lean legs.
    • 5
      Invest in a quality body slimmer. Body slimmers can be expensive but you should never skimp on one. This is the best accessory any plus-size woman can have, as it will smooth out the body and make clothes look even better.
You can read it more here.